Sarah Book One of the Reincarnate Series 



He muttered to himself as he took a spade to dig in the clearing of the woods. No one would discover his shame, he would make it deep, no interference from foxes.

Through a numb alcoholic haze, he dragged the bodies into the woods and buried them in the place where he and Sarah had made love so happily.  With dried bracken he covered the disturbed earth so that no one would know - but Maurice knew.

Snow began to fall, but day after day he went down to the woods, staggering to where the bodies lay buried, falling to his knees, weeping at the gravesides.  On the fourth day, he returned to the cold kitchen with its unlit range and brought two bottles of whisky from the cellar. He sat in Sarah's rocking chair, filled with remorse, drinking and hopelessly pleading forgiveness from the woman he had left lying in the cold earth.

 "Oh, Sarah my love I will never leave you again, how can I make you see how sorry I am?"

He rocked in the chair, with his bottles of whisky until alcohol and the cold stopped his heart, and the snow covered the tracks of his guilt with a smooth white blanket.

Maurice watched helplessly as the horses outside in the paddock grew weaker with cold and starvation, eating bark from the trees and scraping the snow with desperate hooves. He stayed until the snow thawed.  Foxes and crows attacked the bodies of the horses, but he existed on mice and rabbits.

At the next full moon, he sat on the unmarked graves in the woods.  All night he sat there looking up at the sky until at dawn his decision was made.  Then he raised himself to his full height, and with a heartrending yowl, walked purposefully off into the countryside.