Annie Book Two of the Reincarnation Series

​Part read: Chapter Twenty

Annie walked strangely light footed, along the dark corridor towards where the sun shone through an opening in the distance. There was someone standing outside in the sunlight, and as she approached, he held his arms to her. Recognising him now, she ran to him, full of joy, and enveloped by his love, they walked hand in hand along the banks of the stream that she knew so well, in another time.

​His eyes were as blue as the cornflowers growing around them, and they made love in the warm misty meadow with its sweet-smelling grass.

​Satisfied and content, she lay in the safety of his arms, kissing him again and running her fingers through his hair, delighting at the way it curled up at the nape of his neck.  They remained in the warm sunshine for a long time and Annie was filled with a blissful healing happiness.

​He sat after a while, picking daises to make a chain of flowers for her hair, and smiling, placed it between her dark curls.

​ "You must go back now, for you have a husband and child. Our children are our destiny, you will see that one day, but now you must go back to be a mother to your daughter."

​Memories of Luke and the birth of her child came flooding back, but she hesitated.

​ "How can I go back?  I don't know how to, I am afraid, and it is safe here. I think I should stay with you."

​He gently twined his fingers round one of her curls.

​ "Do you remember little bits of Latin learned long ago just for fun?  Remember De Novo, afresh, from the beginning?"

​She nodded.

​ "That is your answer, you were given a special chance, the opportunity to start afresh from the beginning, and you know that you must go back."

​The ominous buzz of the monitor signified death as the doctors tried to save her.  Pounding volts of electricity into her heart and oxygen into her lungs, they fought in desperation, defying the will of nature, until at first a flicker, then a steady beep was their reward.

​Annie lay in a coma for two weeks, but she was never alone. Luke stayed at her bedside, unless he was in the nursery ward changing and feeding his daughter. As she curled her tiny hand around his finger Luke swore that he would always be there for her.

​The family took turns to visit Annie, her parents, seeming to have aged ten years overnight, and Missy hardly able to speak for tears as she sat beside her friend.

​Molly came at four every afternoon, with a flask of sweet coffee and a tasty morsel for Luke, for half an hour each day she would shoo him outside for some fresh air while he ate her special offering.

 Alone with Annie, she would then resume her scolding.

 "You must come back girl, for you have a husband and child. You cannot waste your special chance now; you must come back." .....